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Talk About a Habit! Tennis and Tango Keep Hollis Resnik Rolling on the Road in Sister Act

December 28th, 2012 | By Jesse North

She might be stern on stage as Mother Superior in the national tour of Sister Act, but off stage, Hollis Resnik likes to burn the floor and has a mean backswing. We asked the actress what her tips are to mastering life on tour in a big Broadway show. Aferall, she’s had plenty of experience, touring in Les Miserables, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Thoroughly Modern Millie. Check out what Resnik had to say about her passion for Latin dance and fitting as many pairs of shoes as she can into her suitcase.

The five items I can’t live without on the road:
1. A tennis racquet. I am an avid tennis player and have played in clubs all over the country.
2. Tango shoes. A year ago I took up Argentine tango. I am obsessed, so I find lessons to attend on the road and I get to meet new friends.
3. A good book.
4. iPhone
5. A jar of Soynut Butter. It’s a great snack!

The most efficient packing lessons I’ve learned are:
Roll your clothes when you pack; don’t stack them. It saves room and your clothes don’t get wrinkled. This also means I can fit extra tango dresses and shoes!

The first thing I do when I check into a hotel room is:
See if the window opens.

When settling into a hotel, always locate the nearest:
Gym and Starbucks.

When arriving in a new city, the most important thing to do is:
Locate where the theater is. When I get to a new city, I always like to stroll around and get my bearings. I like to get a feel for the walk to the theater and how safe and comfortable I feel.

My method of staying fit while traveling is:
Gym, tennis and tango. I love to work out and enjoy my hobbies. I am very independent and enjoy meeting new people all the time.

See Hollis Resnik in Sister Act at the Boston Opera House from January 22 through February 3.


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